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The new station at Arisaig seems to have gone off line leaving a big gap in network coverage for the Highlands. It would appear Mallaig has gone completely. After correction to the RINEX header I have had excellent post process solutions when the Arisaig data has been included. It must be well positioned. I hope it […]

Dear Stuart,  Thank you for your email.  Having checked we found that there was an error in the RINEX header coordinates for ARIS, which we have only discovered upon receiving your email.  The correct coords for ARIS are:  3472288.7161     -355730.7490     5320460.9994  Please note, ARIS has an antenna height of 0.1804 metres  RINEX data for times/dates […]

I have been working 5 km south of Mallaig again today and I was looking forward to seeing what the RINEX data download presented this time. Alarmingly there is no data available for Mallaig so I wonder if the recent appearance of the Arisaig station is there as a permanent replacement for it. The position read […]

24 March 2010 Following a small survey just south of Malaig I downloaded the appropriate geographic RINEX data for the exercise. I was surprised after Mallaig data there was data available for another very short base line to a previously unknown station at Arisaig. GPS Utopia I thought in an area of very sparse coverage […]