Stuart Ross (Scotland) Ltd

Stuart Ross (Scotland) Ltd
Kaslo The Knoll, Roy Bridge, Inverness-shire, PH31 4AQ Tel 01397 712310 email

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Established in 1998 we have developed constructive relationships with many clients over the last decade. This has only been possible with investment in industry leading instruments, software and training.
Our projects are diverse and can involve a basic one morning site visit  to detail topographic survey extending over many kilometres say in connection with a new pipeline installation.
We have learned that a simple “standard” survey is seldom what the client needs and quite often their requirements are beyond definition in a briefing document. In this respect, particularly in renewable energy feasibility stages, we have often been able to act as the engineers eyes and ears, pre-empt and answer the next question.
The investment in kit, particularly Trimble  hardware, has resulted in a large leap forward in productivity. Our processing software of choice remains AIC’s n4ce  a program which we have been with since DOS days. The hardware and software are both well supported and integrate seamlessly to deliver the quality of product expected by the client. In real terms cost per survey acre is about half that of a decade ago.
In addition to a mechanism  to distribute technical information it is hoped to use the web site to publicise and open to  comment topical issues which affect (or can be affected by) survey  operations.

A flexible approach to today’s survey requirements